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There doesn’t look like a logic to how that is being managed. We are advised that “the arrangements shall be reviewed on the 28th” yet, based on this proof, they are often reviewed and adjusted at quick discover. Embassies cross the buck or respond with i) its about reciprocity (try getting into New Zealand…) to ii) we are in a crisis . It appears that mainland Portugal does not accept Pfizer nor Moderna vaccinations. It additionally appears, if I’ve understood the webpage properly, that mainland Portugal would accept a adverse covid check end result prior to arrival.

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Actively transmit COVID-19 or COVID-19 recovery certificate. Before you travel, check the ‘Entry requirements’ part for Philippines’s current entry restrictions and requirements. Monitor this advice for the newest updates and keep involved with your travel supplier.

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Hi, I am questioning why Australia continues to be not on the record of allowed citizens to enter Portugal. Canada has been included, Australia has opened our borders from the twenty first Feb and we’re 90+% totally vaccinated and fifty two.30 % boosted with 3rd vaccine. I am bringing a gaggle of thirteen passengers to do a tour of 18 days in Portugal in 18th April 2022. I really need Visit Portugal to incorporate Australia in your listing of tourists allowed to enter your country. The EU recommendation is that countries must be lifting all restrictions for travellers vaccinated with a EU approved vaccine as of March 1st .

This is hurting the tourist business that employs tens of millions of Portuguese Citizens. If anybody is listening please change this crazy rule. I utterly agree with testing, fully vaccinated requirements, however a general ban on Canadians it is uncalled for. Go to TAP Website it has totally different information. BTW, you can even Fly to Ponta Delgada, proof of unfavorable covid test is the only requirement.

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